Intensive Flute Masterclass

Flutes by the Sea Masterclass

San Francisco Flute Society presents
Intensive Three Day Flute Masterclass and Flute Choir Workshop July 9 – 11, 2015 in the oceanside village of Half Moon Bay, CA (30 miles south of SF)

Why Flutes by the Sea Masterclass? The ocean provides an inspiring backdrop for music making.  Creative people can benefit from the soothing, refreshing and rejuvenating aspects of the sea.

Flutes by the Sea Masterclass was designed to energize and inspire young adults, high school students, college students, semi-professionals, professionals, recreational and retired flutists.  In 2013 we had Juilliard professor, International Soloist, Carol Wincenc was on our faculty.  In 2014, we presented Barbara Siesel, Fluterscooter and Viviana Guzman teaching the Masterclasses.

The following flutists were featured at Flutes by the Sea 2014 (in alpha order):

Janelle Barrera, President of the LA Flute Guild, conducted the Flutes by the Sea Flute Choir which will rehearse everyday at noon.  Janelle will also be performing on the Thursday night concert, June 12

Fluterscooter, Co-Founder/Editor of The Flute View Magazine, showcased her elegant Fluterscooter Flute Bags.  She performed on Wednesday and Thursday nights during The Flute View Trio Debut Concerts.  Fluterscooter also be taught and gave the lecture she presented at The Juilliard School, “Building Your Brand Business of Music Lecture”.

Viviana Guzman, Founder of the San Francisco Flute Society, Co-Founder/Editor of The Flute View Magazine, performed as a soloist with the Magic Flutes Orchestra at the opening concert on Sunday night at 7pm as well as for The Flute View Trio Debut Concert on Wednesday and Thursday nights June 11 and 12 at 7pm.

Tracy Harris, Founder of the Wynfall Flute Choir and Wynfall Music Studios performed on our final Gala Concert on Thursday, June 12.

Jane Lenoir, Berkeley Choro Enemble, conducted an Intro to Improvisation for Classical Musicians.

Teresa Orozco & Orlando Castro presented their Latin Music on Wednesday night.

Barbara Siesel & Keith Torgan, The Green Golly Project, taught an Acting for Musicians Workshop and Barbara Siesel, Co-Founder/Editor of The Flute View Magazine, taught and she performed Wednesday and Thursday nights during The Flute View Trio Debut Concert.

Joanna Tse, of Just Another Flutist, a popular YouTube Channel, gave a lecture/demonstration on “How To Start Your YouTube Channel”.

Other guest performers included Audrey Boyle, Anita Chandavarkar, Ai Goldsmith, and Abigail Sten who performed on Wednesday June 11 at 7pm.

Among our Distinguished Flute Choir Directors, each of the following SF Bay Area Flute Choirs at the commencement of every 7pm concert were as follows:

Flutes by the Sea Flute Choir, Janelle Barrera, Director (with the Auditor Participants)

Magic Flutes Flute Orchestra, Pamela Ravenelle, Director

Xtreme Flute Choir, Pamela Ravenelle, Director

Bel Canto Flutes, Gail Edwards, Director

Oriole Flute Choir, Gala Yaroshevsky, Director

Avant Flute Choir, Gala Yaroshevsky, Director

The Class Pianists are Dmitriy Cogan and Svetlana Harris.

Every morning Viviana Guzman conducted a Meditation for Performers Workshop where she covered basic techniques for overcoming performance anxiety.  The Flutes by the Sea Flute Choir rehearsal with Janelle Barrera followed by the Masterclass from 2pm to 3pm where Viviana worked with classical repertoire. She also conducted the following Workshops: 1) “Just Intonation”, 2) Intro to Improvisation for Performers, 3) Intro to Beatbox Flute.  From 3pm to 4pm Barbara Siesel and Fluterscooter guided the students with their unique teaching and guidance.  The 4pm to 5pm hour each day featured a different workshop or lecture with various topics from Acting for Musicians with Keith Torgan, “Improvising for Classical Musicians” with Jane Lenoir, and “How to Start Your YouTube Channel” with Joanne Tse.

We had the following Flute Exhibits:  Altus Flutes, Brannen Handmade Flutes, Green Golly Flutes, The Flute View Magazine, Fluterscooter Flute Bags, Gary Lewis Flutes, Straubinger Flutes, and West Valley Music.

Every night there was a Concert 7pm which is offered FREE to San Francisco Flute Society Members.

We look forward to seeing you at this years Flutes by the Sea Masterclass.